Visitors - Planning a Visit

Who we are:

We have a diverse group of members, from many ages and different backgrounds, including various ethnicities and several levels of education. Many of our former members who have moved away are spread all over the globe and still keep in touch with us.

When to arrive:

If it's your first visit then it's probably best to show up around 10:30am (9:30am if you'd like to attend a class). We have plenty of free parking for those who are driving, a bike rack if you ride, and the bus stops conveniently in front of our building (see for current bus schedules). For directions to reach us please see the Contact Us page or get directions from Bing, Google, Mapquest or Yahoo!. You'll be greeted on the door by one of our members who will give you some information about the church, a bulletin, and who can help answer any questions you may have.

3373 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306

What to wear:

This is easy. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We are an informal church and accept people as they are. There is no need to dress up to try and be someone that you're not. Whether you come in a suit or a T-shirt and shorts that is fine with us.

What to expect:

Sunday morning

For some people going anywhere for the first time can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience. To help avoid any worries here's a quick summary of what you can expect at Palo Alto. First of all we aren't super-spiritual beings, we all had a 'first day' at church, so we understand that not everything will make sense at first. Since we hope you'll agree that we are a friendly bunch, if you don't understand something please simply ask. We start our Sunday meeting at 10:45am. Everyone participates in the worship but at around 11am the youngest are invited go to their own groups. Our usual worship time consists of:

  • singing modern and traditional songs a cappella (without instruments),
  • prayers,
  • short readings from the Bible,
  • a Biblically-based presentation that is relevant and meaningful to our modern lives,
  • communion (sharing matzoh bread and grape juice to remember Jesus' gift of life),
  • an opportunity for members to contribute money to the works of the church,
  • and a sharing time where announcements are made along with prayer requests and mentions of praise.
We finish our meeting around noon. Our aim is that whether you are just looking into Christianity for the first time or have been a Christian for many years that you should be encouraged and inspired by the morning. We hope that everyone will draw closer to God.

While we are a "Church of Christ" (from the Restoration Movement) keep in mind that individual churches of Christ are not strictly affiliated with each other (non-denominational) and many have their own traditions and practices. This means if you have been to one Church of Christ, you have not been to them all and we believe ours is unique.

What we believe:

We are a Christian church and believe that all can have relationship with God. We believe this relationship with God is possible because of Jesus Christ (God's only son) who invites us to follow him. We grow as Christians through study of the Bible as it contains the Word of God and is our guiding source for growing that relationship and becoming better Christians. We have friendly relationships with other churches from both traditional and modern backgrounds. If you are interested in exploring the Christian faith then please come along on a Sunday or contact us.

When do we meet?

Only on Sunday? Absolutely not! We're not perfect and we do make mistakes, but we desire to make a positive difference in everything we do. To further encourage us we have midweek meetings of smaller groups (in someone's house or at the building). God is with us all week long and we aim to lead lives pleasing to him throughout the week.

 Sun.9:30 am - Classes 
 10:45 am - Worship 
 Fri.7:00 am - Men's Breakfast* 
 7:30 pm - Friday Night Fellowship*
 Church Calendar
 * - Does not meet at the church building.
      Contact the office for details.