About Us

The Palo Alto Church of Christ is not a member of any denominational governing body and is not affiliated with the International Church of Christ. The doctrine we follow is simply Bible-based. We believe in Jesus Christ as the one and only path to salvation by the wonderful and unending grace of God.

Our History:

Interested in the history of the Palo Alto Church of Christ?
Read about our history and discover what we've been up to since 1961!

Our Mission:

We share our faith in the living God and his son Jesus Christ, our Savior.

As a close-knit family seeking God's will, we love others and bring the good news of salvation to those around us.

In seeking God's will, we accept challenges to serve God and to grow in our relationship with Christ, while equipping others to do the same through:

  • Bible classes and other Bible studies
  • Group service projects
  • Using our spiritual gifts
  • Nurturing others for ministry work
  • Mentoring others by listening, counseling, and prayer
  • Promoting the development of a Christ-centered leadership

Because we love one another, we desire to know each other more intimately and meet each other's needs through:

  • Small groups
  • Intergenerational gatherings
  • Peer-level groups
  • Trust
  • Prayer

In the process of bringing the good news of salvation, we choose to focus our outreach efforts toward anyone whom God has gifted us to serve through:

  • Energized joyful worship
  • Bible studies
  • Group service projects
  • Peer-level groups
  • Prayer